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Being a rhinoplasty specialist means, that I am fascinated with the beauty and complexity of the nose structure.  I have had my own practice for over six years, and I have performed hundreds of nasal surgeries a year, for the last 12 years (including my residency).

The nose is a delicate structure, and it cannot be denied that it plays an important role in your appearance and your comfort, through nasal breathing.  It is this delicate balance that has rhinoplasty listed as being one of the most challenging types of plastic surgery.  I have dedicated my career to this type of surgery.

Although I am proud of my educational opportunities and credentials, artistic vision and compassion is not something that is taught in a classroom.  It takes a sharp sense of aesthetics, and a deep desire to achieve perfection, however impossible, that task may be.

I am a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon/Otolaryngologist, and my specialty, as well as my passion, is rhinoplasty and correcting nasal breathing issues, such as blockages, deviated septum’s, and allergy-related issues.   Chronic sinusitis affects more than 35 million people every year, making it one of the most common health issues affecting the American population.  Intranasal and sinus procedures, including the exciting new procedure known as, balloon sinuplasty, are also performed in any one of our facilities.

Results are what matter, so if you are looking for life altering results, we invite you to look at the before and after photos on our website, to draw your own conclusion.  Also on the website, there are answers to some common questions relating to the procedures offered, at any of our 5 Florida locations.  If you are in the Brickell area, please call: 1-305-325-0090 or visit the office located at: 1330 SW 22nd Street, for an assessment and free consultation.

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