All consultations are virtual for the indefinite future.

I see all patients in person 1-2 days prior to your surgery date, where I will examine you, take professional photos, and we will review all of the details of your case. This way it will be fresh in my head prior to your surgery. Seeing you in person prior to this time will not change the surgical outcome.


Since this page is fairly detailed, here is an outline of the overall surgery process.

1. Consultation / Quote (Virtual)
2. Book Surgery
3. Pre-Operative Visit (In-Person)
4. Surgery
5. Post-Operative Visits (Mix of Virtual and In-Person)

Virtual consults will last 45 minutes duration.

Cost will be $400 USD.

The main benefit, in addition to having time to go over all the details, is that I will perform a 3D virtual simulation of your nose, based on 3 quick selfies that you will submit prior to the consult.

Think of the simulation as a communication tool for us to be able to discuss your likes / dislikes while looking at a relevant visual. Otherwise, it’s impossible to know what each person is thinking. An example of this is below.



This appointment needs to be selected again after you pay, otherwise it will not be confirmed!

Following the consultation, you will receive a quote and all of the financial details. Once a patient books a surgery date, our coordinator will help you plan the timeline of everything to follow. 

Standard pre-operative bloodwork and medical clearance will be obtained 4 weeks prior. 

I will see surgical patients in the office in person 1-2 days prior to their scheduled surgery date for the “preoperative visit”. 

During the preoperative visit, I will perform a thorough physical examination of your nose internally and externally. We will then take high resolution, professional photos and videos in my in-office studio for documentation purposes.

These same standardized photos and videos will be taken periodically during your post-operative period in order to accurately track your progress and examine the results.





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