We have aimed to use this unique challenge as an opportunity to catapult the delivery of truly next level rhinoplasty results and self-improvement journeys.

In that light, we have designed an ultra-modern cutting edge system.

This is how the practice will be changing in order to practice in the COVID-19 era in the safest possible way.

Please read and be considerate of all components and regulations. We are all in this together!

  1. Consultations will now be virtual only for all patients.

  3. The new 3D simulations will be used to help plan your ideal nose on your own face.

  5. I will examine all patients in person 2-3 days prior to your scheduled surgery date.

  7. Nasal skin ultrasound, CT facial bones, and professional photos will all be done on your pre-op evaluation day. We will spare no expense to ensure best possible outcome.

  9. All patients will be tested 2x for COVID-19 prior to surgery.

  11. All patients will quarantine for 10 days and then isolate completely for 2 days prior to surgery.

  13. Patients will get dropped off and picked up for surgery, unless under 18.

  15. All health care staff will be monitored daily for symptoms and with temperature checks.

  17. All providers involved in your care will be tested for COVID-19 at least weekly, including myself.

  19. All providers will wear full PPE in all patient interactions.

  21. Patients must be asymptomatic and have temperature <99.8° on day of surgery.

  23. Special betadine preparation of the mouth and nose will be done after intubation.

  25. We will limit the post operative visits in person to the initial post op visit one week after surgery and then again between 3-6 months and finally after 1 year.

  27. Instead, we will have regular virtual follow ups via Zoom to show me your results and answer all questions.

  29. All patients also have a group Whatsapp chat with direct access to the team, myself included, whenever they need anything.

  31. Positive COVID-19 testing for either patients or providers may result in changes to scheduling.


We believe this setup positions us as at the forefront of safe, practical rhinoplasty. Thank you for your attention to this important matter. We want to deliver dream noses and have happy outcomes for everyone involved.

Out of town patients may want to read more specifics on logistics and arrangements at the link below.

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